We finally found a place to live!  Yay!  Once we get married, we will start searching for a house of our own, but until that happens, we found a little “in the meantime” place to lay our heads.  The reason we’re so excited about it is because it’s been surprisingly hard to find a rental.  Every time we find something we would like, it gets snatched up before we can even apply for it.  The main reason is, surprisingly, the oilfield boom has reached Billings (6 hours from Williston, ND).  In my mind, that’s a little ridiculous.  I don’t know if everyone has seen the news articles, but you can read about it here.  Yes, it’s wonderful that there is so much work up there, but there is no where to live in that town.  It’s so bad that apparently a 6 hour commute (one way) from Billings is now considered reasonable.  And that’s great for the landlords, but guess what?  Most people don’t make $2K-$4K a week like they do working on the oil rigs.  Yet somehow the housing costs keep creeping up, despite the fact that the average Montana household only brings in about $40K per year, and 14.5% of Montanans are at or below the poverty line.  In Williston, single wide mobile home rentals are going for $3500/month.  Per month!  And you’re considered extremely fortunate to be able to find one of these places.  People consider themselves lucky to even be able to live in a “man-camp”.


Man-camp in Williston, ND

Fortunately, it’s not that quite bad in Billings, but it’s slowly getting there.  That’s scary for people like Eric and I who are wanting to find a place of our own. 

The other problem we’re facing is the fact that most Billings landlords are not pet-friendly.  I’ve never run into a problem finding a place that wasn’t ok with my dog in any other town I’ve lived in.  It was a bit of a shock when I moved here and found out that my options were very limited. 


How could you not love this face?!?

So, that’s why we’re so excited about finally finding a place that suits our needs.  It’s just a little 2 bedroom apartment, but it’s dog friendly, reasonably priced and close to work.  And we’re excited that it’s a month-to-month lease so we can start the house search right away after we get married.  Eric will be moving in next month, and I will join him after our wedding in August.  Now we can breathe a little easier knowing we checked a big thing off our to-do list.