Bridal Party

Only three months to go!  It seems like this was the magic number to really start wrapping up the wedding planning.  It’s really not so much planning any more as executing ideas.  Eric and I had planned on going camping the other weekend, but the weather didn’t feel like cooperating so we ended up staying inside and finishing a few projects.

Where we should have been…

We got most of the invitations addressed, I got all of the bunting cut out and I made the cake toppers and flower girl wands.  We also got most of the ceremony and reception songs picked out.  Thank God for bad weather because we’re not going to want to stay inside when it gets nice out!

We still have to finalize the guys’ outfits and the ceremony wording.  Fortunately, I think those are the biggest things right now.  I took a look at my to-do list and it’s still pretty large, but it’s composed mostly of tasks like “get boarding reservations for the dog”, and “finalize wedding day timeline”.  It’s a good thing, too, because my brain is no longer capable of making big wedding decisions.  I found it’s limit a while ago.

In a perfect world, we will get everything done by the beginning of July so the only thing we’ll have to do that month is put out any fires that pop up, which they WON’T (fingers crossed).   We’ll get the invitations out at the end of this month, and hopefully it’s smooth sailing from there.  Don’t laugh.  It could happen…


Sorry everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything.  Turns out December is kind of a busy month.  There isn’t much to report about the wedding (besides the fact that it’s still not here yet!)  I’m getting impatient!  Anyway, we’ve selected the bridesmaid dresses (thanks for modeling, Erika!) and I think they’re pretty cute.  I’d wear one 🙂

Mom and I went to see Sheryl (our day-of coordinator’s aunt) at the party store and some help with figuring out the reception decor (and by some help, I mean Sheryl is the next best thing to Martha Stewart and if it weren’t for her we probably would have called it good with table cloths and that’s it).  Grandma is in town this weekend, so she, mom and I went to the quilting store to pick out fabric for the guest book quilt.  Mom and I will be going back soon to pick out the fabric for the bunting, also.  I was excited to find that the store actually carried replica Civil War era fabrics, which are perfect for our vintage theme (and very cute).  I’m very blessed to have people in my life who have the skills and are willing to help out with things like that.

So that’s what’s been happening over the last month or so.  Christmas had a way of sneaking up on me this year, but that’s ok.   I love this season and everything it means.  Unfortunately, there’s no snow to go cross country skiing yet, but what are ya gonna do?  Eric and I went to see ZooLights (a drive through light display at Zoo Montana) with my brother and sister in law the other day, which was a fun throw-back to our childhood.  We also grabbed some yummy coffee and went and looked at lights around town this week, which was a lot of fun.  Sadly for me, Eric is leaving bright and early tomorrow to go home for Christmas, but I’m excited for him.  It’s been a year and a half since he’s seen his family, so it’s about time 🙂  I guess I can handle being away from him for a week or so.  But I’m excited for him to get back!

In case I don’t get around to writing again this month, I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and  Happy New Year!

Have a blessed Christmas season!



And last, but not least, is Eric’s older sister Tara.

Tara with her grandmother and sister.

Tara is a very creative person.  When I first asked Eric about her, he told me “she does everything”.  And she really does.  She is a personal assistant, a mother, a wife, and she also has her own business called “Cate & Ava’s”, named after her two daughters.  By the time I type this, she’ll probably have something new in the works, too :).  She created the “Berkshire-tini” glass, and makes all kinds of cute magnets, ornaments, and other glasses.  She’ll be making the toasting flutes for our wedding, and I’m really excited to see how they turn out.  We’re also very excited to have Tara’s daughters as our flower girls.

Eric with his nieces, Cate and Ava

Tara’s family will have a long trip as well.  Massachusetts isn’t exactly close!  We’re really excited that they’re going to be in our wedding, and we’re happy that they all get to see Montana for the first time.  I think they’ll be impressed 🙂

Leslie is Eric’s younger sister.

Leslie and the children from Zambia she and her husband sponsor

I got to meet Leslie for the first time last summer when Eric and I went to Virginia to see his family.   Leslie exhausts me.  She got her bachelor’s degree in 2 1/2 years, got her master’s degree right after that, and has a good portion of her doctorate taken care of.  Did I mention she just turned 25?  I was happy when I finally completed my bachelor’s after 5 years!  She is currently working as a school counselor and has a part time job on top of that.  She and her husband are also very active with their church, and she does a good bit of volunteering.  See what I mean about being exhausted?  I don’t know how she does it!  But I love that she has such a heart for God.  It’s always humbling and inspiring to be around people who are so generous.

I’m so glad that Leslie will be a bridesmaid.  She will be traveling over 2000 miles (one way) to be a part of our wedding so we’re very grateful for that.   I’m getting so excited to see everyone!

Jaci is my sister-in-law (as of August 13th :)).

Jaci and my brother, Scott, on their wedding day (photo courtesy Nashan Photographers)

I first met Jaci when she and Scott started dating in high school.  They didn’t date very long before they broke up that same year, but they rekindled their relationship during their first year of college at MSU in Bozeman.  Yes, unfortunately she is a Cats fan, but I won’t hold that against her (except during the Griz-Cat game).   They dated for a few years, until last August when Scott popped the question.  They were on their way to see Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge, and they made a stop in Spokane, where he proposed to her.  They were married this August.

The newly engaged couple at the Gorge

I am excited to have Jaci as my bridesmaid, not only because she’s my sister-in-law, but because she is such a great person.  I keep telling Scott he married up (I like to remind him that she was his class valedictorian).  She has already been so helpful with our wedding; I’m very thankful for her advice.  She is fun to be around because she’s always up for anything (camping, going out, Farmer’s Market, etc…).  I’m very lucky to be able to call Jaci family.

Brooke is another good friend of mine who will be my bridesmaid next year.

Brooke with her husband Rob and daughter Addyson

I met her my freshman year in the dorms.   I was feeling all those scared, nervous, shaky feelings you get when you leave home for the first time, and all the sudden this loud tall blonde came bouncing into my room and asked if I wanted to go grab some dinner with her.   She turned out to be hilarious and fun, as well as real, which can sometimes be hard to find.  I felt so lucky to have found such a good friend so quickly.  We were inseparable that year, and she’s been a great friend ever since.  She is one of those friends I know I can call whether it’s good news or a cry-fest, and I love that about her!  We decided to make a pact that first year that whenever we got married (which , in our minds, was probably not going to happen for another 15 years, at least), we would be each other’s bridesmaids.  Brooke got married a few years ago in South Dakota.

Brooke, Jeni and I

She kept her side of the bargain, so now it’s my turn!

Yes, I just quoted the Golden Girls theme.  You’re humming it now, aren’t you?  🙂

Bridesmaids have been chosen!  I am lucky enough to have five amazing women stand up with me next August.  I’m going to do a little post on each of them, just because I think they’re all so dang great.

My favorite cowgirl 🙂

I asked Erika to be my maid of honor for a few reasons:  she is about as loyal as they come, she’s one of the sweetest people you’ll ever meet, she’s honest and real, and she is an amazing, God-loving friend.  Not to mention she can make some of the most delicious cake you’ll ever eat (she’s pulling double duty as our pastry chef).  There are so many more reasons why she’s my MOH, but I don’t want this post to start dripping with sugar.  Erika is currently in the process of getting her master’s in education, and she helps out quite a bit on her family’s ranch.  She tutors students, substitute teaches, and manages an office building, so she’s a busy gal.  I actually met her years and years ago (before my 1st birthday) because our parents are family friends, but we didn’t actually start hanging out until I moved back to Billings a couple of years ago.  Since then, we’ve had some good times: Super Bowl parties (Go Pack Go!), brandings, shooting my first gun, farmer’s markets, game nights, ’80’s rock concerts, baseball games, and just all around good times.  Needless to say, she’s always up for a good time and tons of fun to be around 🙂

Erika & I at the Mustangs game

Thank you, Erika, for being my maid of honor!  Love you, friend!