Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone’s year has started off well.

I believe January is the Drill Instructor of months.   “Get off your lazy butt and get back into the gym!”  “You’re not on vacation anymore!  Get to work!”  “You need a routine!  Start making commitments!”  I’m much more inclined to enjoy the happy-go-lucky attitude of December.  “Sure, eat that whole plate of fudge.  It’s the holidays!”   “Stop worrying about being productive.  I won’t judge you.  It’s the holidays!”  As I write those words, I realize that maybe December is the Enabler of months.  Hmm.   I guess January does have a reason for being so domineering, after all.

Our New Years Eve was a good time.  We got to go out dancing with some good friends of ours, Erika and Bill, as well as Erika’s parents, Cathy and Jerry.


Erika and family

Cute hats, boys

Trying to be classy

There were a couple different bands we listened to.  The first one was Midlife Chryslers, which is a band made up entirely of local doctors.  They’re pretty fun to dance to since they play all classic rock and Motown (they even had a horn section!).  The other one was Bucky Beaver and the Ground Grippers, who cover mostly country and some top 40’s.   I’m not a girl who enjoys what the young ‘uns dance to these days.  None of that silly hip hop for me.  A good two-step or swing will put a smile on my face :).   We finally rang in the New Year with a glass of champagne and a kiss, followed directly by a high-five and an excited “We’re getting married this year!”  There’s a small chance we high-five too often, but I think this was a justifiable celebration.

Sneak-attack kiss

As far as wedding planning goes, we have finally asked someone to officiate our wedding.  We’ve been talking about it for months, but just haven’t gotten around to it.  I do believe that this is integral to the wedding ceremony (right below having a fiance to marry).  I’m pretty sure I can find ample evidence to support my theory.   It’s probably a good thing we took care of it.

Wayne is a pastor at our church and one of Eric’s good friends.  I won’t put his picture up because I think I would embarrass him.  But we’re very excited to have him officiate our wedding.

The other things we’re trying to take care of this month are to figure out the bar situation (a top priority, obviously ;)), picking out invitations, getting our music figured out, and picking out Eric’s ring.  He’s got a good idea about what he wants, but hasn’t selected a specific one yet.  We’re also doing some research on our honeymoon, but I’ll have a separate post about that once we’ve booked it.  Other than that, wedding planning is pretty slow.  However, as my uncle pointed out, we have seven months to go and come March, things are going to get hectic.  So, I’m going to enjoy my sanity while it’s still with me.