December 2011

Sorry everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything.  Turns out December is kind of a busy month.  There isn’t much to report about the wedding (besides the fact that it’s still not here yet!)  I’m getting impatient!  Anyway, we’ve selected the bridesmaid dresses (thanks for modeling, Erika!) and I think they’re pretty cute.  I’d wear one 🙂

Mom and I went to see Sheryl (our day-of coordinator’s aunt) at the party store and some help with figuring out the reception decor (and by some help, I mean Sheryl is the next best thing to Martha Stewart and if it weren’t for her we probably would have called it good with table cloths and that’s it).  Grandma is in town this weekend, so she, mom and I went to the quilting store to pick out fabric for the guest book quilt.  Mom and I will be going back soon to pick out the fabric for the bunting, also.  I was excited to find that the store actually carried replica Civil War era fabrics, which are perfect for our vintage theme (and very cute).  I’m very blessed to have people in my life who have the skills and are willing to help out with things like that.

So that’s what’s been happening over the last month or so.  Christmas had a way of sneaking up on me this year, but that’s ok.   I love this season and everything it means.  Unfortunately, there’s no snow to go cross country skiing yet, but what are ya gonna do?  Eric and I went to see ZooLights (a drive through light display at Zoo Montana) with my brother and sister in law the other day, which was a fun throw-back to our childhood.  We also grabbed some yummy coffee and went and looked at lights around town this week, which was a lot of fun.  Sadly for me, Eric is leaving bright and early tomorrow to go home for Christmas, but I’m excited for him.  It’s been a year and a half since he’s seen his family, so it’s about time 🙂  I guess I can handle being away from him for a week or so.  But I’m excited for him to get back!

In case I don’t get around to writing again this month, I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and  Happy New Year!

Have a blessed Christmas season!




Save the dates went out today!  I decided to get a little creative with it and make a slide show/movie.  And of course I had to throw in a little Bright Eyes to go along with it.  We’ve been engaged for about five months, but now it feels like we can really start celebrating with all of our guests.  And it feels like the countdown to our wedding is really on.  Everyone says it goes by quickly, but it seems pretty slow to me!  Anyway, check out our save the date if you’re interested:

Eric & Andrea’s save the date