And last, but not least, is Eric’s older sister Tara.

Tara with her grandmother and sister.

Tara is a very creative person.  When I first asked Eric about her, he told me “she does everything”.  And she really does.  She is a personal assistant, a mother, a wife, and she also has her own business called “Cate & Ava’s”, named after her two daughters.  By the time I type this, she’ll probably have something new in the works, too :).  She created the “Berkshire-tini” glass, and makes all kinds of cute magnets, ornaments, and other glasses.  She’ll be making the toasting flutes for our wedding, and I’m really excited to see how they turn out.  We’re also very excited to have Tara’s daughters as our flower girls.

Eric with his nieces, Cate and Ava

Tara’s family will have a long trip as well.  Massachusetts isn’t exactly close!  We’re really excited that they’re going to be in our wedding, and we’re happy that they all get to see Montana for the first time.  I think they’ll be impressed 🙂