Leslie is Eric’s younger sister.

Leslie and the children from Zambia she and her husband sponsor

I got to meet Leslie for the first time last summer when Eric and I went to Virginia to see his family.   Leslie exhausts me.  She got her bachelor’s degree in 2 1/2 years, got her master’s degree right after that, and has a good portion of her doctorate taken care of.  Did I mention she just turned 25?  I was happy when I finally completed my bachelor’s after 5 years!  She is currently working as a school counselor and has a part time job on top of that.  She and her husband are also very active with their church, and she does a good bit of volunteering.  See what I mean about being exhausted?  I don’t know how she does it!  But I love that she has such a heart for God.  It’s always humbling and inspiring to be around people who are so generous.

I’m so glad that Leslie will be a bridesmaid.  She will be traveling over 2000 miles (one way) to be a part of our wedding so we’re very grateful for that.   I’m getting so excited to see everyone!