I do complain a lot about winter.  I’m not a fan of being cold, and it lasts soooo long.  This poses a problem because I love being outside.  Despite this, there’s just something about the first real snowfall of the season.  It’s almost magical.  It invokes childlike feelings and wonderment.  I woke up this morning to an inch or two of the white stuff, and big fluffy flakes floating slowly to the ground.  I decided that since it wasn’t bitterly cold or windy, it would be a perfect day to enjoy being outside.  I bundled up and walked Pasha to my local coffee shop and got my favorite foufou coffee, then we went to the park (I know it’s illegal to have dogs at the city parks, but since I think that rule is stupid and there weren’t many kids running around, I ignored it).  It was such a quiet and peaceful walk.  When we got there, I was so happy to just watch Pasha running around and enjoying herself.  Every time she plays in the snow, it’s like it’s her first time.  I think I can learn a few lessons from my dog about really living in the moment and finding the simple pleasures in life.  She is consistently, truly happy because she never worries about tomorrow, and she never worries about how goofy she may look.  She just embraces the here and now.  And aren’t those ideals that God teaches us to value?  Childlike wonderment and acceptance of His sovereignty are something that we should all strive for, but many of us (myself included) fail.  Sometimes I think dogs and kids really are the smart ones 🙂  All in all, it was a fabulous outing.  We played, we watched a family go sledding on the hills, we watched a child being pulled on a sled by his dog, we listened to the sounds of the last high school football game of the year, and we came back to a warm house.  I love the first snowfall.

Doggy joy