Jaci is my sister-in-law (as of August 13th :)).

Jaci and my brother, Scott, on their wedding day (photo courtesy Nashan Photographers)

I first met Jaci when she and Scott started dating in high school.  They didn’t date very long before they broke up that same year, but they rekindled their relationship during their first year of college at MSU in Bozeman.  Yes, unfortunately she is a Cats fan, but I won’t hold that against her (except during the Griz-Cat game).   They dated for a few years, until last August when Scott popped the question.  They were on their way to see Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge, and they made a stop in Spokane, where he proposed to her.  They were married this August.

The newly engaged couple at the Gorge

I am excited to have Jaci as my bridesmaid, not only because she’s my sister-in-law, but because she is such a great person.  I keep telling Scott he married up (I like to remind him that she was his class valedictorian).  She has already been so helpful with our wedding; I’m very thankful for her advice.  She is fun to be around because she’s always up for anything (camping, going out, Farmer’s Market, etc…).  I’m very lucky to be able to call Jaci family.