I absolutely love being active.  I love doing things like mountain biking, hiking, walking the dog, and cross county skiing.  Unfortunately, I have a lazy streak as well.  That means if I don’t push myself, my natural default is couch potato.  Embarrassing but true.  This has been a big problem for me lately.  I haven’t been going to the gym regularly for at least six months (probably longer), and it was glaringly obvious the other day when my brother and I went biking.  I couldn’t ride as long as I used to be able to, and I was so tired that I was starting to feel nauseous.   I was so frustrated with myself that I wasn’t able to do the activities I love because of my laziness.  Then the other day when I was trying on wedding dresses, I looked in the mirror and wasn’t happy with the weight I’d put on.  I realized that’s going to be a problem since I want to look my absolute best on my wedding day in less than 10 months.  I decided I need to make a commitment to myself to workout more consistently.

One of my biggest problems is staying motivated.  I’m fine for the first month of a new workout, but it takes a lot to keep me motivated.  I was looking online for helpful tips, and I found this article that inspired me.  I agree with everything the author wrote, but I know I have more personal motivators that will work even better for me, so I want to write my own list.  Hopefully this will help keep me accountable as well 🙂

  1. I want to look good for my wedding!  I don’t want to look back at pictures and be embarrassed.  I want to be able to be proud of the hard work I put in to looking good.
  2. I want to feel good.  There have been many periods of my life where I made working out a priority.  And I have never felt better physically.
  3. I want to be able to do my favorite activities without hating them.  When I’m out of shape, I hate my favorite activities because when I do them, I’m in pain!  There’s nothing worse than getting back into shape.
  4. I want to run a 5K next summer.  I’ve done it before, I can do it again.  My brother will probably make fun of this one.  I’ve signed myself up for the Heart and Sole 5K for the past two summers with the intention of getting in shape, but I never put in enough effort to actually do it.
  5. I won’t have to “get in shape” ever again.  Getting in shape sucks.  Big time.  Staying in shape is so much easier.
  6. I want the health benefits.  I finally found the man I love more than anyone in this world, and I’d like to have a long, happy, and healthy life with him.  I want to be able to play with my grandkids someday.  I want to be able to sleep better.   I want less stress and more energy.  I could go on forever…
  7. I want to remember how blessed I am.  I’m taking this one from the article I linked to previously because it’s so true.  God blessed me with a body that can move easily and has no major problems or injuries.  It feels like I’m being ungrateful if I don’t take good care of it and use it to the fullest extent that I’m able.

I will probably have to refer to back to this post often when I’m feeling lazy.  Does anyone have any motivators they use in their own lives?

Just for funzies, I’ll leave you with this picture.  It makes me laugh every time.