One of my favorite things we’re doing for our wedding is showcasing family and friends’ various talents.  In my opinion, our wedding should be a very personal celebration of our marriage and the people who have helped us get to this point.  Because of this, I’m so excited that so many people have already agreed to help us out with various aspects of the wedding.

For instance, my mom is making bunting to hang up for decoration.

The bunting will look something like this

Mom is my go-to if I ever need any help with sewing.  She has done everything from making adorable decorations to mending my pants (I still have her help me, is that bad?)  She is much more talented with a sewing machine than I could hope to be.  Really, the last time I used one was in 7th grade home-ec class.  That didn’t go so well, either.

My grandmother has agreed to make a guestbook quilt for us.  We’ll have strips of cloth for people to sign, and she’ll make us a blanket that we can enjoy for years to come, instead of having a book we’ll put away and forget about.  Her quilts are beautiful!  I don’t have pictures of the quilt or wall hangings she’s done for me, so I took a picture from my cousin’s Facebook page of the quilt Grandma made for her.   (Thanks, Kaitlin!)

Kaitlin's quilt

My friend and maid of honor Erika will be making our cake(s).  She is currently an aspiring teacher and an incredible amateur baker.  She has made many beautiful and delicious cakes for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, and just because.  I like to find excuses to “help” her try out new recipes (see: taste testing).

A baby shower cake by Erika

Eric’s sister and one of my bridesmaids Tara is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades.  She has her own company called Cate & Ava’s where she sells hand painted glasses, handmade ornaments, magnets, etc that she has created (for some reason I can’t get the link to work…the website is  She also does some stuff with weddings, some interior design, and some graphic design (whew!).  She’ll be helping us with some of the paper goods, like the programs and possibly more.

A picture of Tara's "Chocolate Berkshire-tini" (photo by Dennis Jones)

I’m really excited about and appreciative of all these loved ones helping us out.  I think it will make our wedding more personal and meaningful.  Everyone is so talented and our wedding is going to be gorgeous!  This is just the beginning of our planning…I’m sure we’ll be hitting up more loved ones for help in the near future.  I hate to imagine any talent being wasted out there! 🙂