I just had to give a quick shout out to our Little League guys over in PA.  You guys are amazing!  First time in the LL World Series and you’re in the U.S. Championship?  Amazing!  The game last night had an incredible finish, with a walk-off home run in the 7th, but I was really impressed with the guys’ heads-up playing.  The 2nd baseman for Billings dropped a shallow fly ball in right field, but it didn’t fluster him a bit.  He just picked it right up, threw it to 2nd, and got the kid out.  How many 12 year olds have that kind of composure?

Good luck with the rest of the series, guys.  We’re all watching and cheering you on from Billings.  No matter what, you’re coming home to celebration!

VIDEO: Billings Little League team advances to U.S. championship |KTVQ.com | Q2 | Billings, Montana.