My little brother got married this weekend!  Scott and Jaci’s wedding was beautiful and thankfully went off without a hitch (at least nothing that wasn’t easily fixed).  It was held at Wildflower Gardens in Red Lodge and the weather was incredible.  It was a very emotional, exciting, joyful, slightly surreal day and I’m so happy that I finally have a sister!  It was a big honor to be asked to be a bridesmaid.  I’m proud to say I very nearly kept it together, too.  But what was I supposed to do when I watched Scott get teary-eyed as Jaci walked up the aisle with her dad?  That’s just not fair 🙂  Keegan Nashan was the photographer, and I stole a few pictures from the Nashan Facebook page:

Keegan did such a good job, I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures.  Jaci’s aunt, with Moonlight Catering, made some amazing food and even surprised Jaci with a nacho bar, which was pretty fun.  And of course it was such a good time getting to hang out with a pretty sizable portion of both sides of our family (Mom is one of six and Dad is one of five, plus their kids and grandkids so you can imagine…).   I can’t say enough good things about how their big day turned out.  Looks like we’re next…  If things go as smoothly, turn out as beautifully, and people have as much fun as they did at Scott and Jaci’s weddding, then it will be a fantastic success.