We went up to Springhill Pavilion yesterday to check out the grounds and try to figure out how we want everything situated.  It was nice to go up around the same time of year and same time of day that we will be having out wedding because we got an idea of how the lighting will be and how everything will look.  It’s also great talking with Chum and Sally, the owners, because it’s obvious they love what they do and they have so many ideas after 28 years of hosting weddings.  They are a wealth of knowledge and have tons of tips and advice to give.

Here are a few pictures:

The dance hall and the dining hall

The barn

A view of Chum and Sally's fields (yes, it's a working ranch)

Inside the dance hall

My parents

The front gate

Another view of the front gate

We’ll either get married here facing the gazebo with the apple trees lining the aisle:

Or here facing Ross Peak:

Eric and I

We’re really excited about this place, it’s so gorgeous and rustic.  Can’t wait for next year!