Well, today is exactly one year until our wedding (happy anniversary to Lois and Denny, Eric’s parents!)!  We finally found a photographer we really like yesterday, which was a huge relief for me.  I’m not sure why it was stressing me out like it was.  Possibly because I found out that compared to some people, we are not on the ball and many photographers are already booking up. That being said, I think we found a winner!

We talked with a few photographers, but decided to check out the person my brother is having at his wedding.  Her name is Keegan Nashan with Nashan Photography.  Eric, Mom and I drove up to Livingston to meet with her and see what she had to offer, and we all really liked her.  She is very young (almost 18), but she has already been doing wedding photography for half her life.  She started by helping her mom, Melanie Nashan, when she was about 7 and she has been photographing weddings on her own for the past three years.   She has shot weddings at Springhill Pavilion before so that will be helpful.  Here are some examples of her work:

I would put some pictures of my brother and his future wife’s engagement session, but the Nashan website won’t let me.  We’ll probably be doing our engagement session within the month, so stay tuned for a few pictures!