Eric and I drove the Beartooth Highway this weekend.  Somehow in the four years he’s lived here, he hasn’t made it to the most beautiful highway in America (I didn’t make that up, but I definitely agree with it from what I’ve seen).  It’s my favorite way to drive to Yellowstone, although we didn’t go there that day.  Maybe next time.  Anyway, Eric got some beautiful pictures –

The highway itself

Yellowstone in the distance

A couple mountain lakes

The hills are alive, with the sound of music...

One thing I always loved about going up here when I was little is that you can play in the snow all summer (apparently I still love it).

Little chilly?

You better believe I threw that sucker.

It's windy above the tree line.

I was hoping Eric’s amazing panoramic shot would show up bigger and in all it’s glory, but no such luck.  Just squint and you can imagine what it’d be like.

The funny thing about the pictures is that you really can’t tell how high up in the mountains we are.  We’re actually well above the tree line, but because the tops of the Beartooths are meadows and lakes, it’s deceiving.   It’s just one of those places you have to see for yourself to really appreciate.

*Pictures by emjonesphotography and myself