We’re on a roll here!  We booked food for the wedding.  Hope everyone likes barbeque!  We’re not set in stone on the specifics, but I suppose a few surprises for the guests are a good thing.

Now I'm hungry...

The owners of Springhill Pavilion said they get very excited when weddings have this guy do the food because his bbq is supposed to be the best in the valley.  The one downfall is that while the ceremony is going the bbq smell wafts up toward the guests, so guests being able to focus on our vows instead of their growling stomachs may become a problem :).  And we’re making sure we have sweet tea for our Southern guests.  It’s not a Montana thing (we make sun tea), so I hope it’ll be made up to Southern standards!

Next on our list is finding a photographer.  Once that’s done, I think we’ll have all our vendors taken care of.  I think it’s good to get the big stuff taken care of early for a few reasons: 1) you ensure that you get the vendors you want without having to worry if they’re booked up already, 2) you have the rest of the time to figure out the little details instead of stressing about everything all at once.  Although that could backfire and simply give me more time to obsess over and second/third/fourth guess our choices.  Hopefully this year will go by quickly!