So I decided to put a few different wedding blogs on my Google Reader just so I don’t miss any good ideas (I can use all the help I can get).   A couple blogs are a little out there, but I figured you never know what might tickle your fancy, right?  Well, good thing I did, because I saw this little gem the other day on Offbeat Bride:

This wedding is intense (in tents), like a circus!

Is this a wedding or a movie about prohibition?

Loving the vintage details

It’s not something I would do for ours, but I just love the idea of a circus-themed wedding.  It looks like people had a blast dressing up in costumes and dancing, and everything look so festive and vintage.  I’m wondering where the bride got those bridesmaid dresses… I may want to buy one just for funzies 🙂

Anyway, sorry for making you read posts that don’t have much to do with our wedding.  This is more like an insight into my crazy wedding-planning mind, where ideas may or may not make any sense.  You can start feeling sorry for Eric now 😉