I’m feeling pretty excited right about now… My brother is getting married to his longtime sweetheart (he would hate that term, which is why I used it :)) in just over one month.

Scott & Jaci with the mutts

They’re getting married at a gorgeous place called Wildflower Weddings in Red Lodge.  It’s going to be a beautiful wedding, I’m going to gain my first sister, and I get to see family that I don’t get to see very often.  Best of all, I get to steal their guest list for my own use.  Now that’s convenient for me.

As of right now, the guest list seems to be the most daunting task.  There are many people we want to invite, but we aren’t having a huge wedding, so there are only so many “slots”, if you will.  It’s the same with choosing the bridal party.  There are many great friends I would love to have stand up for me, but again, only so many positions to fill.  If it can be helped, I would like to not offend or upset anyone and keep this wedding entirely drama-free (crossing my fingers!).  I’m hoping to come out of this with as many or more friends than I went in with.   Just in case, I’m apologizing ahead of time for any offense, or perceived offense, toward anyone at any time in the planning process.  Truly, I am sorry 😉