I hope everyone had a great holiday filled with way too much food and lots of explosions!  Thank you to all the people throughout our history, military and otherwise, who have made it possible for us to celebrate Independence Day!

We had a pretty great weekend…got to hang out with some friends who are in town from WA, went to a BBQ cook-off in Absarokee that our friends were in (it was pretty amazing), went and played darts at the Atlas Bar in Columbus (I wish I had pictures of all the mounts… It would give the Museum of Natural History a run for it’s money, if it had beer :)), watched a Mustangs game, had an awesome family BBQ, and watched one of the best fireworks shows Laurel has ever put on.  Plus it was gorgeous out.  Can’t ask for more than that!

At the Mustangs game, post hot dog.

Mom and Dad

Best show in MT (and other places, I think)