I am not a planner by any stretch of the imagination.  That’s why, when we had our venue and band booked over a year in advance, I was feeling pretty accomplished.  Unfortunately, those were the only two things I knew I wanted for our wedding (Eric was quick to point out that the groom is a pretty important detail, too).  I figured from here on out, there would be just a few things to figure out, like food and decorations.  Enter: my mom’s friend Kevin, party planner extraordinaire.  We went to lunch with him the other day to throw around a few wedding ideas, and mom and I ended up leaving with massive headaches.  Who knew you had to think about exactly where to place the bar to maximize the flow of the party?  (I kind of just strung together some words he was throwing around, I have no idea if that sentence actually made sense).  There is SO much more to this wedding planning stuff than I ever imagined.  Even though Eric and I want a fairly laid back and fun (yet classy) wedding, there’s still a ton to think about.  Vegas is starting to sound pretty appealing…

Does he do weddings?

Just kidding!  Don’t worry, we wouldn’t do that.  Besides being unbelievably excited to marry each other, the next most exciting thing is to get to celebrate our marriage with loved ones in a small wedding in the most beautiful place we can think of.  That is a blessing.