July 2011

Eric and I drove the Beartooth Highway this weekend.  Somehow in the four years he’s lived here, he hasn’t made it to the most beautiful highway in America (I didn’t make that up, but I definitely agree with it from what I’ve seen).  It’s my favorite way to drive to Yellowstone, although we didn’t go there that day.  Maybe next time.  Anyway, Eric got some beautiful pictures –

The highway itself

Yellowstone in the distance

A couple mountain lakes

The hills are alive, with the sound of music...

One thing I always loved about going up here when I was little is that you can play in the snow all summer (apparently I still love it).

Little chilly?

You better believe I threw that sucker.

It's windy above the tree line.

I was hoping Eric’s amazing panoramic shot would show up bigger and in all it’s glory, but no such luck.  Just squint and you can imagine what it’d be like.

The funny thing about the pictures is that you really can’t tell how high up in the mountains we are.  We’re actually well above the tree line, but because the tops of the Beartooths are meadows and lakes, it’s deceiving.   It’s just one of those places you have to see for yourself to really appreciate.

*Pictures by emjonesphotography and myself


I’m loving this wedding I just found on the Elizabeth Anne Designs website.  It’s so colorful and summery that it makes me want to tweak some ideas for our wedding.  A vintage farmer’s market theme is so much fun! (Maybe I’m biased because going to the farmer’s market is one of my favorite summer activities :)).

All of these things would so easily fit with our venue that it’s easy for me to picture.  How much fun would it be to leave the wedding in an old 1950’s pickup?  Ugh, I’m going to get myself in trouble with too many ideas!

We’re on a roll here!  We booked food for the wedding.  Hope everyone likes barbeque!  We’re not set in stone on the specifics, but I suppose a few surprises for the guests are a good thing.

Now I'm hungry...

The owners of Springhill Pavilion said they get very excited when weddings have this guy do the food because his bbq is supposed to be the best in the valley.  The one downfall is that while the ceremony is going the bbq smell wafts up toward the guests, so guests being able to focus on our vows instead of their growling stomachs may become a problem :).  And we’re making sure we have sweet tea for our Southern guests.  It’s not a Montana thing (we make sun tea), so I hope it’ll be made up to Southern standards!

Next on our list is finding a photographer.  Once that’s done, I think we’ll have all our vendors taken care of.  I think it’s good to get the big stuff taken care of early for a few reasons: 1) you ensure that you get the vendors you want without having to worry if they’re booked up already, 2) you have the rest of the time to figure out the little details instead of stressing about everything all at once.  Although that could backfire and simply give me more time to obsess over and second/third/fourth guess our choices.  Hopefully this year will go by quickly!

So I decided to put a few different wedding blogs on my Google Reader just so I don’t miss any good ideas (I can use all the help I can get).   A couple blogs are a little out there, but I figured you never know what might tickle your fancy, right?  Well, good thing I did, because I saw this little gem the other day on Offbeat Bride:

This wedding is intense (in tents), like a circus!

Is this a wedding or a movie about prohibition?

Loving the vintage details

It’s not something I would do for ours, but I just love the idea of a circus-themed wedding.  It looks like people had a blast dressing up in costumes and dancing, and everything look so festive and vintage.  I’m wondering where the bride got those bridesmaid dresses… I may want to buy one just for funzies 🙂

Anyway, sorry for making you read posts that don’t have much to do with our wedding.  This is more like an insight into my crazy wedding-planning mind, where ideas may or may not make any sense.  You can start feeling sorry for Eric now 😉

As I said before, I am not an event planner at all. However, lately I have been excited to dig around the internet to get some ideas for our wedding.  It seems like my “planning moods” have an ebb and flow to them:  for  two weeks I’ll be completely disinterested, for one week I’ll scour every wedding site known to man.  Completely despite myself, I have been checking out some really great wedding blogs.  I found this amazing wedding on Style Me Pretty that has tons of details that I had previously thought of for our wedding, but it is done in such a beautiful way it inspired me all over again.  In my head, I see our wedding being somewhere between this (but less formal) and the church picnic scene in “A River Runs Through It” (it makes sense to me).  I just have to remember that we only have from 10 a.m. the day of the wedding to decorate and we’re going to be traveling a couple hours to get there, so I can’t go overboard with ideas or we’ll run out of time.

When I first threw out the idea of having shabby chic decor, Eric couldn’t stop giggling.  I’ve since decided to change the term to “vintage/rustic”.  No more giggling.  I’ve also found some of the cutest handmade decorations on Etsy.

Despite my best effort, I might get sucked into enjoying this process after all.  I’ll let you know how I feel when we’re three months out 🙂

I’m feeling pretty excited right about now… My brother is getting married to his longtime sweetheart (he would hate that term, which is why I used it :)) in just over one month.

Scott & Jaci with the mutts

They’re getting married at a gorgeous place called Wildflower Weddings in Red Lodge.  It’s going to be a beautiful wedding, I’m going to gain my first sister, and I get to see family that I don’t get to see very often.  Best of all, I get to steal their guest list for my own use.  Now that’s convenient for me.

As of right now, the guest list seems to be the most daunting task.  There are many people we want to invite, but we aren’t having a huge wedding, so there are only so many “slots”, if you will.  It’s the same with choosing the bridal party.  There are many great friends I would love to have stand up for me, but again, only so many positions to fill.  If it can be helped, I would like to not offend or upset anyone and keep this wedding entirely drama-free (crossing my fingers!).  I’m hoping to come out of this with as many or more friends than I went in with.   Just in case, I’m apologizing ahead of time for any offense, or perceived offense, toward anyone at any time in the planning process.  Truly, I am sorry 😉

I hope everyone had a great holiday filled with way too much food and lots of explosions!  Thank you to all the people throughout our history, military and otherwise, who have made it possible for us to celebrate Independence Day!

We had a pretty great weekend…got to hang out with some friends who are in town from WA, went to a BBQ cook-off in Absarokee that our friends were in (it was pretty amazing), went and played darts at the Atlas Bar in Columbus (I wish I had pictures of all the mounts… It would give the Museum of Natural History a run for it’s money, if it had beer :)), watched a Mustangs game, had an awesome family BBQ, and watched one of the best fireworks shows Laurel has ever put on.  Plus it was gorgeous out.  Can’t ask for more than that!

At the Mustangs game, post hot dog.

Mom and Dad

Best show in MT (and other places, I think)

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