I love sapphires!  I have always thought they were such a beautiful stone.  I used to beg my mom to let me wear her sapphire ring around the house (I don’t think I was ever successful…that ring is a prize possession of hers).

There are a lot of reasons I wanted a sapphire for my engagement ring.  First, it’s both Eric’s and my birthstone (September babies!).  Also, it’s a gem that is mined in Montana.  And, of course, my favorite color is blue 🙂  I was really excited when Eric and I started ring shopping, but nothing was really catching our eyes in the bigger stores.  We decided to try this small mom and pop jewelry store in Columbus called “Montana Gem“.  They actually design their own jewelry and mine their own sapphires or purchase them directly from the person that mined them.  The bonus?  They pick and choose diamonds to make sure they are conflict-free.

Because they didn’t have the exact ring we wanted in their gallery, they let us look through their catalogs and select a setting we loved.  Then they brought out their sapphires and let us select one from their collection.  I still have to ask if this particular sapphire came from Lewistown or Philipsburg.  The end result is a ring I absolutely love!  The stone is gorgeous, and the setting is very vintage-looking.  Thanks, Randy and Katie (Eric too, I suppose)!